bleached but not dead yet

sound installation 7' 30''

8.2 surround sound system

The rainforests of our underwater world, the coral reefs are in danger of extinciton. This work is about the coral bleaching events. Mainly focussing on facts about the Great Barrier Reef, the world's largest coral reef system, composed of over 2,900 individual reefs.
Sadly, there've been four bleaching events in the last seven years, and right now, there's another ongoing even though in a year of La Niña, when more rain and cooler temperatures were supposed to provide a moment of respite for sensitive corals to recover. Briefly recapped: "the ocean is becoming too warm and acidic for the organisms that live there and the acid is killing coral and many thousands of species." -

The composition is phrased in a timeline over the last 30 years. (1993-2022) The six mass bleaching events are shown in a sudden way, 15 seconds each, no more visuals on the ground - whispers of hard climate crisis facts and almost no soundscapes. Mass bleaching events happend in 1998, 2002, 2016, 2017, 2020 and right now, 2022.
The sound installation is filled with found articles spoken by Gabriela Jones and Daryl Jones, hydrofon recordings, found footage of coral reef sounds, underwater soundscapes and over 30 sea dwellers.

What is coral bleaching?
"When corals are stressed, they expel the zooxanthellae* that live inside their tissues. Without the algae to provide colour, corals appear transparent and reveal their white skeletons.
This is called coral bleaching. Bleached corals are not dead, but are more at risk of starvation and disease." -

Corals get most of their bright colours from microscopic algae that grows inside the polyps’ tissues. This algae, called zooxanthellae, helps corals by removing waste and using it to produce food in a process known as photosynthesis.



Narrators: Gabriela Jones, Daryl Jones

Visuals: Found Footage, Sina Joelle

Photos: Stefano Christen

im: pr' ov

performance 10' 

voice, julie beriger

percussion, felipe arteaga

roli seaboard, flurina mia

à suivre #41, freitag 27.05.22

photos: stefano christen


Field Recordings gesammelt vom April bis November 2021. Komponiert und aufgeteilt in 4 Stücke à 3 Minuten. Improvisiert mit Synthesizer und Live-Elektronik. Naturklänge, minim bearbeitet, in Verbindung mit synthetischen Klängen, komplexe Räume entstehen. Eine Art Klangtagebuch.


Vom Minimalismus zur Reizüberflutung

Eine Ruhe, eine Fläche, eine Farbe. Übersichichtlich, minimalistisch, geordnet. Ein Weg zur Reizüberflutung. Ein Gedränge, eine Stimme, ein Geräusch, ein Flüstern, der Klang rauscht am Ohr vorbei, woher plötzlich diese vielen Flächen. In einer Zeit, geprägt von diversen Eindrücken und unendlichen Plattformen der Selbstdarstellung. Eine unauffällige Kamera auf sich und andere gerichtet. Dies ist eine Performance über ein Erlebnis, das Leben, meiner Selbst.

> für Kopfhörer

Livestream vom Freitag, 22.01.2021, performative Arbeit mit Surround-System, über sechs Lautsprecher und einen Subwoofer

From minimalism to sensory overload

One calm, one surface, one color. Clear, minimalist, orderly. A path to sensory overload. A crowd, a voice, a noise, a whisper, the sound rushes past the ear, where are these many surfaces coming from. In a time marked by diverse impressions and endless platforms of self-expression. An unobtrusive camera focused on myself and others. This is a performance about an experience.

> for headphones

Livestream from Friday, 22.01.2021, performative work with surround system, six speakers and a subwoofer.